Visualizing the League of Nations Secretariat – a Digital Research Tool

This sub-project of Laying the Foundations: The League of Nations and International Law, 1919-1945 will create a digital visualization of the composition & connections of a select group of officials in the League Secretariat. The aim is to: 

  • Visualize the composition of the Legal Section and Disarmament Section of the League Secretariat at any given time matched with full personnel files, annual budget and expenditure.
  • Create aggregates of age, gender, nationality and education of all staff attached to each section at any given time.
  • Track movements between the two sections and the rest of the Secretariat, and outside institutions at any given time.

This will be visualized in a layered organizational map tracking change across time to be published jointly by the CEMES and the UN Library Geneva.


Haakon A. Ikonomou
Lise Bødtker Sunde
Gry Lindgren Bach Kristensen
Jonas Højbak Tilsted
Natacha Bodil Ægidius Bengtson